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  two percent of all woman are born with a closed hymen, which is called imperforate, and that requires surgery to open up the hymen so period blood can flow through.   the hymen is a thin membrane that surrounds the opening of the vagina. The most common hymen is shaped like a half moon (see normal hymen diagram below). All girls are born with a hymen, and some girls are born with extra hymen tissue. The hymen can also be stretched or torn by playing sports or using tampons. So a lack of hymen is not really a sign of sexual experience. Even a medical expert cant tell for sure if a girl is a virgin or not. Very clearly betaji you are worrying yourself sick unnecessarily. Hymens can be broken at a young age but in some cases a female may have unbreakable hymen what that means is the tissue is tougher than most and can make sexual intercourse painful. A simple procedure can be done in office if that is the case. Before engaging into sexual intercourse, allow your hymen to heal 1. Women can also try an artificial hymen, which adheres to the inside of the vagina giving it a temporary appearance of an intact hymen 6. I am a girl of 22 year i have not done sex with any guy but still have not hymen what might be the cause of its non existence? Answered by dr. Beth brown this is normal there are many things that can cause a girls hymen to. Did i lose my hymen during masturbation? I tried inserting objects into my thing but they wont go. Yes it is very common for the hymen of active young women to be torn well before the onset of sexual activity and fingering or tampon use can result in a.   so, if some people are having anal intercourse, it can be hard to tell for the person on the receptive end. The same is with vaginal intercourse, while the person wearing the condom may feel it.

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