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  obsessive licking of one dog by another dog can mean several different things, and not all of them are bad. However, sometimes this over-licking can lead to problems, so lets take a look at the possible reasons why this womans dog is licking her other dogs genitals so much. Nothing might be as surprisingor disgustingas seeing your dog lick another dogs butt. Perhaps one of your dogs licks the others butt, or your dog is licking butts on doggy play dates, in doggy day care, or at the dog park. Licking amidst siblings is a way in which they become closer. This type of friendly licking isnt in any way restricted to littermates, however.   one of our dogs gets it so bad that we can rub just under his ears and hear it squish around. Occasionally an ear will get over-licked, and it will become irritated and red. A dog continuously licking another dogs ears can give the other dog serious ear problems. It can result in soreness on the lobe or worse, an infection in the dogs ear canal. A good solution is to take part in some training sessions where your dog will be able to mingle with others and relearn at what level he needs to execute his social skills. When a dog licks the face of another, the behavior probably can be traced to the puppy stage.   besides licking his anal area, you may also notice him dragging his butt along the ground to help relieve the itching and discomfort. Other telltale signs include red skin around his anus, bleeding or pus draining from around his anus. If your dog has one or more of these symptoms, take him to the vet as soon as possible. I can tell you that almost every time when i have seen a two dog household where one dog wants to lick the other dogs ears obsessively, it is because there is some type of medical issue with the other dogs ears. Usually the problem is some type of infection as opposed to ear. An anal sac disorder or a tumor may be the problem, which are both conditions that cannot be left untreated. Rectal itching is described as periods of licking, scratching or scooting by your dog, which appear indicative of irritation or discomfort in the anal area.

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