Top Electric Shavers: Reviews

Nowadays, shaving is no a longer troublesome and time-consuming process which it used to be only a few years back. Countless electric shavers offered on the market are equipped with an efficient blade system and other comfort features. From a range of professional reviews of electric shavers, our website helps you select the best shaver suiting your needs and meeting your requirements.

Reviews of Electric Shavers
Shaving belongs to top uncomfortable and problematic parts of a male grooming routine. For many years men have used traditional razors that were rather efficient, though their use commonly caused irritation and rashes. Moreover, a classic shaving process takes quite a long period of time. However, nowadays there are plenty of males who still prefer the traditional way of shaving rather than an innovative one, even despite the fact of more efficient and newer alternatives existence. Once you keep on using a traditional razor, though you consider upgrading to a new level – trying an electric shaver, the offered information will be extremely useful as it will show you all the points you need to be aware of in order to select the best shaver ever.

Furthermore, this purchasing guide is ultra-useful for males searching for a new electric shaving machine. Despite a huge amount of information for one turn, it will be indispensable to make the choice between two types of men shavers. Even though you will choose between two items, each of them has a great number of features. Thus, you need to make this choice too. Once you have decided on the type of the shaver, simply find an item meeting all your shaving needs and requirements.

Considerations about Electric Shaver
Even before you start searching for various electric shaver reviews, the thing you need to do is narrow down your features by considering the benefits that you expect to receive from this type of product. To do so, simply answer a few questions:

What beard type do you have? Is it thick, coarse or light?
Do you always have a clean shaved beard or do you prefer different beard styles sometimes?
How many times a week do you shave?
Do you prefer a wet shave or a dry one?
Are you ready to pay more for sophisticated convenience peculiarities?

Diverse Types of Electric Shavers

Electric shavers are of two types, including rotary and foil shavers, with each of them available in multiple shapes that define its effectiveness. Moreover, every shaver type is suitable for a definite skin and beard type.

Foil Shavers
The efficiency of a foil shaver is measured by the quantity of blades on it. The very first foil shavers were equipped with a single foil blade. Currently you can find shavers with up to 4 foil blades. As a rule, if you have sparse, fine hair, but do not experience skin sensitivity, you’d better select a single foil shaver that is literally the cheapest type shaver possible. If you have beard of medium thickness, though you sometimes experience irritation, consider a 2-blade foil shaver. The greatest benefit of foil shavers is very close cut offered that also makes it perfect for males who shave either daily or once every two days.

These types of electric shavers are perfect for males with sensitive skin, as they contour facial features, with putting very little pressure on skin. Moreover, rotatory shavers do an incredible job on longer stubble, that is why they are also best suited for males who shave either once or twice a week.

Just like all the modern devices and gadgets, electric shavers come with a great diversity of features and peculiarities. It is indispensable to realize the benefits of these features to decide whether the item is worth its money.

Wet Cleaning
Men with sensitive skin should focus mainly on electric shaving machines with the best cleaning features. The vast majority of electric razors that are used wet can be also cleaned simply rinsing with hot water. Some of them feature a Sonic option that emits short vibrations which shake off the undesirable hair and excess water after cleaning. Nevertheless, the best electric shavers, considering a cleaning factor, are the ones that feature a separate cleaning station. What’s the most convenient about such stations is their function to disinfect the blades with further drying and lubricating them. The drying and disinfecting option is incredible for your hygiene while the lubricating part is great for a long life of the blades. Additionally, some cleaning stations charge the shaver during the cleaning process. However, bear in mind that shavers equipped with a cleaning station or just having such a feature are $50-$100 more expensive than usual electric shavers.

Dry Cleaning
As a rule, shavers that can be used only dry do not have a wet cleaning option either. These shavers usually come with a corresponding brush that is created to reach the space between the blades to clean the stubble. Nevertheless, nowadays there are just a few such shavers offered on the market, with the majority of them being old models that are close to being kicked of the production.

Features of Comfort
The kind of shaver you decide to purchase is not an exceptional one that dictates the comfort level. For instance, an electric foil shaver with great comfort features can suit sensitive skin better than an inexpensive rotatory shaver without comfort options. Here is the list of features that contribute to your shaving comfort and convenience:

Flexible heads and pivoting. The flexibility of a shaver is one of the key features that make it possible to contour the face with little pressure on skin.

Moisturizer. Some shavers feature a specific moisturizer that is used to prevent rashes and irritation.

Motor power. To decrease the number of tugs and pulls use an electric shaver with a more powerful motor.

Cooling features. Some shavers are equipped with a cool strip that prevents skin rashes and irritation, eliminating usual burning sensations.
Blade coating. Other electric shavers also contain stainless steel blades covered with hypoallergenic material that prevents skin allergies, rashes and irritations.

Features of Convenience
There are four main types of shavers, depending on what they are powered by:

Mains. This kind of electric shavers can be used only when plugged in. It is not even necessary to highlight the low convenience level of such items. Even having a power outlet right in the bathroom, this shaver type has restricted usage.

Mains rechargeable. This is another type of shavers that can be used not only when plugged in, but also cordless. These serve as the most convenient shavers ever. A quality mains rechargeable shaver offers around 7 cordless shaves primarily to its being recharged. It takes approximately an hour for most shavers to fully charge, so they can further use about 45 minutes of cordless work. Nevertheless, there are some shavers that can take about 8 hours to fully charge.

Rechargeable. Such shavers are almost as convenient and useful as the mains rechargeable ones, with the only difference – unavailability during the charge.

Battery. These shaver types are advertised as perfect for traveling. Though, a great fully charged rechargeable electric shaver can offer enough power for around 1-2-week trip. At the same time, battery shavers are not advised for everyday use due to the fact that the batteries wear out extremely fast. All the shavers look impressive on paper though only after testing one it is possible to determine whether it is worth its price. Try to invest only in shavers which have a satisfaction guarantee. Finally, if you wish to protect your purchase, you should buy a shaver with a warranty that covers minimum two years of use.